travel thoughts.

During my last few rounds of international travel, I’ve been taking notes on my phone about my observations & random thoughts while traveling. Enjoy!

1. Memory foam neck pillow. It’s the best thing that has been invented for travel, and even though I feel like this:

baby pillow
I don’t even care. Best purchase ever.

2. Middle seat problems. Listen…I’m not a touchy person…but when you are stuck in the middle seat for a long flight, I think it should be socially acceptable to ask your neighbor if you can fall asleep on their arm. I recently had a 3 hour flight where me & my window-seat neighbor (who, might I add – looked like a body builder #muscles #tookupmorespacethanheshouldhave) awkwardly avoided touching our arms together for 3 hours. I was THIS CLOSE to saying, “Hi sir, I know you don’t know me, but I’m really tired & just want to sleep. Can I nap on your arm that is bigger than this plane? Okay great thanks.”

3. Listening to music. I have learned that regular ear buds don’t quite communicate “hey don’t talk to me, I’m about to sleep.” below: not good enough

Note to self, it’s time to invest in some Bose over the ear headphones that appropriately communicate that you’re wanting silence & are about to nap. (pictured below) headphones2

4. Airplane mode on your phone…really? Does it matter? 😁

5. Occasional sneezing. Sorry folks, I’m not sick. It’s a little thing I like to call Texas allergies. I didn’t choose this life.

6. Reading a book & laughing out loud. Thanks Jen Hatmaker.

7. Skymall went bankrupt? Where else am I going to find the most absurd things that marketing agencies try to convince me I need to purchase (like ramps for cats, a pen that doubles as a doctor’s thermometer, squirrel decor, an umbrella for your pet, ridiculous dinosaur yard statues, & a life size R2D2)?

skymall skymall2

all images found on Yahoo Search

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