Oh, I should write about that.

There have been multiple times the past few months where I’ve thought, “Oh, I should write about that.”

But then, I don’t.

I jot down notes on word documents & file it away for another day “when I have more time.” Isn’t that absurd? As though more hours will appear tomorrow? Or as though I’ll all of a sudden have the motivation to write?

Well, here I am. Writing. ehh, trying. 😉 Putting fingers to the keys.

Before you think you’re about to embark on reading an excellently worded post: let me stop you. There are much more talented writers out there in the land of the internet. There are better photographers, people that are brilliantly hilarious, & ones that have way more “adventurous” jobs.

But you know what? I’m not competing with them. At the end of the day, I want to love God & to love people. Here’s to the ones that are doing that adventurously, ordinarily, wildly, boldly, faithfully, loudly, quietly, on stages, behind the scenes, & all the in-between. We’re not competing with each other.

This blog is a place to catalog the little corner of the world that God has graciously placed me in & stories He’s allowed me to experience. Right now, these stories are taking place in Haiti. And I want to be faithful to share what I’m learning, where I’m growing, people & moments I’m photographing, & things I’m laughing about.

Life is too short not to share. There are so many stories out there in the world & they matter. Your story matters.

Here’s to the wanna-be writers — cheers. I’m with you.

**if any past teachers of mine are reading this, I’m sorry I started a few sentences with “And” – don’t hate me 😉 

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