thankful for this staff family.

It’s far too often that I find myself caught up in the busy-ness of life, & another week slips by. And you know what? I’m over it. I’m over time slipping by right before me.

I don’t want to look back & see that I’ve lived years in Haiti & I forgot to document life in this unique season right here & right now.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight each member of this Haiti staff family. I don’t want to forget the beautiful melting pot that is the staff family in this season. We’ll never have the Fall of 2015 again, & I’m grateful the Lord has compiled these incredible people here for such a time as this.

Description is below each photo:


Kenol & Rachel: When I think of this power couple, the one word that comes to my mind is faithful. They have a beautiful family, the BEST smiles I’ve ever seen, & they work each day to faithfully follow the path God has set before them. They are leaders.


Elizabeth: EB is a total #GirlBoss. (if you don’t know what that means, it’s essentially saying she’s an inspiring leader). She was my boss when I interned back in 2012, & she’s since become a dear friend. She is a strong leader with a humble heart & a sincere love for Jesus. Give her a guitar? You’ve found yourself in the middle of a worship session. She’s one of my favorite worship leaders because she makes it ALL about Jesus. Google Docs has got nothing on her. Her mind is sharp & her talents are many.


Katie: Katie is a warrior. First, she’s a prayer warrior. There is no doubt in my mind that when Katie says she will pray for you – she will. She reminds me not to put God in a box. Her love for the Lord radiates. Her heart for the 60+ Orphanage Kids she’s “mom” to is one of the first things you’ll notice when you meet her. She shines!


Matt & Amanda: Both Matt & Amanda are two ridiculously creative friends. Amanda – with a brush & paper, a camera, & words. Matt – with a guitar & the ability to write a sermon that is relatable & theologically sound. They enjoy good coffee & will make it for their neighbor (cough, me) often. They are hospitable & gracious. They are the best parents to be & I can’t wait until baby J comes into the world Spring 2016! They’re always up for an adventure, or watching The Office…both are equally valuable. They make marriage look fun!


Kelci: I’ve known Kelci since 2012, & I have loved to watch her grow. She is brilliant, y’all. She’s also hilariously witty & strong. She pours herself out for the least of these, & has an endurance that is clearly God-given. She handles difficult situations with prayer & grace. I’ve watched many people’s lives transform because of her faithfulness.


Britney: Britney reminds me to never take life too seriously. She busts out into random dance moves, twirls, & laughter daily. She is FUN. She has a deep joy that comes from a vibrant relationship with Jesus. She knows her purpose & she walks confidently in it.


Haley: Haley connects with everyone. She is relatable & kind, while also hilarious. She says one liners that will have you cracking up. She also has a way of articulating what the Lord has taught her in a relatable & sincere way. She is more talented than she would admit, & she’s filled with grace & Truth.


Courtney: Courtney is a Godsend. She reminds me of Jesus & has such a gentle spirt about her. When I’m around her, I am always encouraged & more aware of Jesus. She is one who lifts people up. Kindness radiates from her. She also has a beautiful singing voice but she would never tell you that.


Carrie: Carrie is a constant. She is gentle & calm, even in the midst of what others would call chaos. She is joyful, intentional, & a breath of fresh air. I often find myself thinking Carrie has been here for longer than she has because she just fits so well. I admire this woman!


Holly: Holly is amazing with children. She is also so incredibly artistic & talented. When she makes pottery, she is in her happy place. Her creativity & kind spirit are qualities that I admire. She’s also really patient with kids…which I also admire. 😉


Justine: FUN. Justine walks in & she can own a room with her charisma, while she also can sit in the corner with a woman & talk about life. She has a way of finding joy in the ordinary moments of life. She loves to celebrate & she makes the best cupcakes.


Chris: Chris is one of the few men on staff, & I’m thankful for his presence. He’s a calm in the midst of medical situations, & he handles difficult situations with strength, sensitivity, & wisdom. He has grown so much in the time he’s been here & I admire him!


Reuben: He loves Texas & bacon, but most of all he loves the Lord. He’s a hard worker with a unique fashion sense, & he always knows how to make someone laugh. He speaks fluent Creole & has a way of making you feel like family, even if he just met you.

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