Haiti Christmas Party 2015

I believe the Mobilization team Christmas party is one of the greatest events in Haiti!

From laughter, cake, games, recreating iPhone emojis, gifts, & sparkling juice – I sure do love this team!

Mob Christmas LQ-8798Mob Christmas LQ-8799Mob Christmas LQ-8803Mob Christmas LQ-8806Mob Christmas LQ-8809Mob Christmas LQ-8814Mob Christmas LQ-8816Mob Christmas LQ-8820Mob Christmas LQ-8821Mob Christmas LQ-8824

EB & I: 👯

 Mob Christmas LQ-8825Mob Christmas LQ-882912347689_10206694552416414_1663649660461423744_nMob Christmas LQ-8837Mob Christmas LQ-8841Mob Christmas LQ-8842Mob Christmas LQ-8849Mob Christmas LQ-8851Madeline when she found out she won the blender!Mob Christmas LQ-8853Mob Christmas LQ-8854Mob Christmas LQ-8859Mob Christmas LQ-8860Mob Christmas LQ-8864Mob Christmas LQ-8877Mob Christmas LQ-8880Mob Christmas LQ-8882Mob Christmas LQ-8884Mob Christmas LQ-8886Mob Christmas LQ-8889Mob Christmas LQ-8891

I’m looking forward to some time in the States this Christmas, but I sure do love this team & the chance to celebrate Christmas with them.

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