Summer 2016.

Summer 2016 was my 4th summer in Haiti & it was filled with moments I’ll cherish forever.

Captions & dates are above the photos.

Gig ’em, Ags. 👍🏽 Great day at the Olympic Training Center with the Texas A&M Aggies! 5.14.16


well okay, that view will do. 5.16.16


Sometimes, the best thing is a sunset & a sugary soda. 5.20.16


Orientation with new friendly faces! 5.22.165-22-16

Onward, friends. 5.29.16


breathtakingly beautiful: both the sky & the promise. 6.2.16


AYITI 🇭🇹 adventuring through the streets of Port Au Prince. 6.3.16


I donut (<–😂) know how to make donuts for #nationaldonutday so instead, pretzels. #lifeinhaiti 6.3.16


my Friday night:
🎨 watercolors
🎧 Bethel Music
🙌🏽 truth the Lord has been teaching me ever so slowly but surely. 6.4.16


I personally think every country should have pretty plants for sale on the side of the road – it certainly makes traffic more beautiful. 6.5.16


Sidewalk games on the walk up from the office. 6.6.16


The best airport crew around. 6.8.16


A+, Lord. 6.10.16


Patio lights reflecting in rain puddles on the front porch. Oftentimes, the simplest things are the prettiest. 6.10.16


S U N D A Y || C E L E B R A T I O N. 6.12.16


My home church – @gfcfamily– in Haiti & I’m clearly ecstatic!! 6.16.16


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman! 6.17.16


Rachel Durban: baby whisperer. 6.17.16


I loved spending time with the GFC team that served in Haiti for a week. Home churches are the best. Beach days are nice too. 6.21.16


Praise the Lord for sweet roommates who bring home pineapples! Caribbean living at its finest. 6.22.16


From Haiti 2012 to Haiti 2016! Goodness I love these friends! 6.23.16


The cutest dinner date. 6.25.16


4 years of friendship with Tiff consisting of floor-length skirts & covered shoulders. Haiti friendships are gold (& you always share bad tan lines!). 6.26.16


bffs. 6.28.166-28-16

h a n g i n. 7.1.16


Tap-tap that. Love these friends, a weekend off, & their willingness to indulge in the silliest of photos. 7.2.16


Watching a breathtaking sunset while my toes are in the ocean is like medicine to my soul. 7.2.16


Love these friends. 7.2.16


Salt in my hair & sand between my toes make for a great weekend. 7.3.16


The 4th of July was full of fireworks, the most hilarious lip sync battle, a freaking hilarious dance party, fresh cut French fries & grilled burgers, & so much laughter with my Haiti family. The 4th of July party in Haiti has easily become one of my favorite traditions. So very thankful for freedom! 7.4.16


Going to sleep tonight really grateful for the thoughtful, kind, intentional, selfless, & FUN group of family & friends the Lord has graciously given me from all over the world. I’m excited & expectant for year 25 & have loved celebrating today with my Haiti family! Thank you all for the birthday wishes & kind words! 7.6.16


Love this little guy & some snuggles. 7.7.167-6-16-b

Just some mid-twenties friends twinning from head to toe. 👯 love this friend dearly! 7.7.16


Jesus – be near. 7.8.16


I sure love these people. Our Haiti family celebrating Katie & the gift she’s been to this place & this family. Katie, you will be deeply missed here! Friendship is a sweet, sweet gift. 7.15.16


7.16.16 While there are many photos I could post with Katie, I choose this one because it makes me laugh through the tearful “bye for now” that happened at 5am. Katie, you’re a joy & I am forever grateful for your friendship & living this Haiti life together for many years. Keep shining bright, beautiful friend! Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you next.


“Mom, cancel my 3 o’clock appointment & pencil in a nap.” – 👶🏼💭 7.21.16


Port Au Prince grocery errands are way more fun with these friends & the new Need to Breathe album. #belekippart2 7.22.16


1. I’m labeling myself an honorary Donnelly sister, so there’s that.
2. I love that these 2 are in Haiti & that we got stuck in Leveque in the middle of a pouring rainstorm & that we laughed our way through it all. 7.24.16


🐐👶🏼🐐. When there are 1-day-old baby goats on campus, you catch them & go take a picture with baby J. 7.26.16


💪🏼 thankful for early morning workouts & the people who join them each week. Sometimes it’s a small group, other times it’s a large group – every time it’s worth it. 8.3.16


👶🏾👶🏼 What a fun afternoon seeing these ti-best zanmis meet! And also, Amanda – you’re the most beautiful & radiant mama! 8.7.16


#notallbabiesarescary – I mean, lots still are but J isn’t. 😉 8.9.16


I’m continually reminded that God is in the business of redemption. And what a gift that he calls us into that work with him! This was is a day in Minoterie I’ll never forget. 8.10.16


bffs in Leveque (the next 3 photos). 8.12.16

8-12-16 8-12-16-b 8-12-16-c

🍌 plantain lessons. after 3 years of #lifeinhaiti, I have finally learned the art of plantain making. 🙌🏽 8.14.16


some of the coolest people. loved 3 months with this intern class & all the memories. 8.18.16


checkers & coffee: my kind of Thursday morning. ☕️ 8.19.16


Friday afternoon bath time. 8.19.16


Matthew is onto something genius: one shoe to match the shirt, one shoe to match the shorts. 👌🏽 8.21.16


What a summer!

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