What A Trip!

I am sitting in my warm, cozy, American bed while typing this post. It’s been a REALLY long day..haha, literally – the day was like 40 hours long for us. We woke up in Sydney, Australia…& now we’re back home in Texas. We left there at 12:50 this afternoon, and got to San Francisco at 9:10 this morning…the time change is so weird. It’s like we traveled backwards. Then, we had a layover in S.F and left there at 2:30 and got to DFW at 8:15 PM. Our Monday has seriously been forever long! We didn’t sleep at all on the 14 hour flight from Sydney either. Needless to say, we’re going to have pretty bad jet-lag.

Casey had a major luggage malfunction this morning in Sydney. Her zipper completely broke. It wouldn’t zip at all. So we tied a rope around it, then we put tape around it

This was our quick fix to get it to the airport…then they did a fancy little zip tie type thing at the airport. It was a temporary fix…but it worked & the luggage is home safe!

It was very easy to spot Casey’s luggage.

Casey and I walked through the door to the baggage claim and there were 13 people there for us with signs, flowers, and hugs! It’s safe to say I have the most wonderful family & friends.

After we got the baggage all picked up we went to eat at Anamias (mexican food)! My heart, soul, & stomach is oh so happy.

Thank you Mom, Wes, Michelle, Zach, Chase, Jordyn, Grant, Coulter, Hannah, Josh, & Tayler who came out and gave us a lovely welcome home party!

Michelle, Zach, & Jordyn also washed my car! Can you believe how precious my friends are? And they brought flowers!

I’m going to try to sleep even though my body is ridiculously confused on the time!



These pictures seriously make me laugh so hard! Part of it is knowing how frustrated we were by not having internet…but then we changed our attitudes and decided to just live it up! This night was so random/fun/hilarious/& perfect.

Last Day in Sydney…What a wonderful city.

It was seriously the most perfect last day..the weather was amazing, not a cloud in the sky. The water was gorgeous and the birds were chirping. Pure bliss.

We took a ferry ride over to Luna Park

I think this tree looks like a giant pineapple.

hahaha, this is as close as we got to climbing the Harbor Bridge. Well, we DID walk across the bottom of it at the beginning of the trip, but we didn’t do the “bridge climb”

We ended our day in the city with the best gelato I’ve ever had. It was a perfect ending to the perfect trip! I’m still so amazed and excited that we were blessed with this incredible opportunity to travel here! God is so good.

Geelong Day 2 Pictures

The 2nd full day in Geelong, we just hung out around the town and took it kind of easy! We went to Eastern Beach, rode the carousel, and explored some of the cute shops down Packington Street. Here are some pictures from the day:

We were imitating the bollards – they are alllllll over the place at Eastern Beach. They’re so fun looking!

I tried to get us in the reflection..haha, I’m not too sure it worked.

Sailboats. I LOVE sailboats!

The wind was driving me crazy..

Rugby player!


Sometimes, I think I should be a TOMS spokesperson. ❤ haha

Geelong Day 1 Pictures

A few days ago I blogged about Geelong…here are pictures from the 1st day with the wild kangaroos & Bell’s Beach!

Isn’t he a doll?

What a cutie!!

We saw WILD kangaroos on the golf course! How fun!

Rainbow! Breathtaking.

Great Ocean Road – one of the prettiest drives of my life!

The sweet DeBooy family that was SO gracious to spend their time showing us all the amazing places! 🙂

This poor bird!!

About to eat some fish & chips!

Geelong – I LOVE you!

AHHHH!! It was the most incredible day today in Geelong. Wow! The family we are staying with is simply precious. We spent ALL day today going around the town and taking pictures, shopping, and just taking in God’s creation. We drove Great Ocean Road (which is the most beautiful drive EVER…I know I’ve overused this word a lot…but seriously), saw WILD kangaroos at a local golf course :), had fish and chips, and saw the world famous surf beach – Bells Beach. I felt like I was dreaming…it was a perfect day! The internet is limited here, but I’ll upload pictures in the next few days. 🙂 Love you all!

Healesville Sanctuary.

So Monday was SOO much better than Sunday! There was only one thing that happened that made for a not so fun story…but we’ll get to that later 🙂
We went to Healesville, which is about an hour-and-a-half outside of Melbourne. We went to the Healesville Sanctuary and saw koala bears, kangaroos, platypuses, dingos, and lots of other animals that are native to Australia. This was a MUCH needed day.

Casey & I were both really excited about going to see the animals, but little did we know that the ride there would be just as incredible! Wow…I feel like I have overused that word so much, but it’s all I can say to describe how beautiful it was. There were huge rolling hills, with the most vibrant green grass and the skies were ridiculously blue..I’ve never seen such vibrant colors.

God was definitely showing off for us Monday, and we were taking it all in & loving every single second. We got to the zoo and got to see some of my favorite animals.

And I promised Zach I would take a picture JUST for him…so:

Also, there was this really pretty turquoise lantern that was in the dingo exhibit area…so of course I had to snag a couple pictures 🙂

Casey likes to hug trees

We also saw one of my NOT so favorites. haha, this snake is apparently highly deadly…good thing it was behind a veryyy thick glass cage.

These pelicans were hilarious!

We had such a peaceful day!

Also, there were some really fun hats in the gift shop…but they were really expensive, so we just got a picture with them 🙂

The unfortunate event was that Casey & I almost got $183 tickets for having our feet on the chairs in the train. LAME. hahah, 3 people in very intimidating trench coats with the train station logo came up and threatened us & yelled at us…safe to say we were a tad scared. But we got only a verbal warning…ohhh good times.